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“Lisa Bloom always gives it to us straight.  Swagger shows parents exactly how to keep their sons on the right track when the world our boys now inhabit so often lures them in the wrong direction. Packed with smart parenting tips that you can start using today, Swagger is both a passionate wake up call and a very useful handbook.”  Dr. Phil, television host and New York Times bestselling author. 

“A comprehensive and engaging piece of work.  A must-read for today’s parents.”  Dr. Drew Pinsky, television host and bestselling author.

“Swagger is essential guidance for any parent of boys. It’s brutally honest, meticulously researched, and boldly impassioned. It reveals a truth that is hiding in plain sight all around us, calling for our wisdom and commitment and love. I couldn’t put it down.”  Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

“As the father of three sons (and six daughters), I am profoundly grateful to my friend Lisa Bloom for this timely and important wake up call.  Every parent and anyone who cares about the next generation of boys should read this book, today!”  Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, New York Times bestselling author of 10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children

“If this was a lottery, Swagger is the jackpot. If this were baseball, Swagger is a World Series winning grand slam. But this is real life, and that being said, Swagger is a MUST-READ for every parent, educator and legislator in this country. As a father, an American, and someone who has fought for and defended the very freedoms and liberty that I feel are in jeopardy for our young men today, I believe SWAGGER can be one of the most important books of our time.” – Bernard Kerik, former Police Commissioner of New York City

“A lot of parenting advie stresses me out so I love when someone smart declares that the thing to do to help our kids is read more. Last year Lisa Bloom’s book Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World came out and started a nationwide conversation about how talk to our little girls. Bloom’s new book is out and now she’s telling us that our boys are in trouble too.” – Oprah.com

“Lisa Bloom shows us the stark reality of life for boys right now. It’s one of my new favorite books for parents and educators.” – Parenting.com

“SWAGGER is a wakeup call for parents about the real world our boys inhabit right now, but it offers solutions as well. From how to teach your boy humility (the swagger anti-venom), to “making your home a reading mecca,” creating an expectation of college graduation, and how to teach your boy to be critical of the media onslaught in his life, Swagger is packed with research-proven, parent-tested, teacher-approved practical solutions, delivered in Bloom’s trademark no-nonsense, often humorous, take-charge voice.” – Indian TV Today

“In this rapidly changing environment, knowledge is power. Swagger empowers parents and anyone who cares about boys to get real about the culture we live in, and gives us the tools to do right by our sons.” – Examiner.com


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  1. I really wish this book were already available in paperback – the very young men who should read it (besides those raising boys) are the young men already incarcerated but who have a chance of turning their lives around instead of becoming products of the incarceration system – cannot receive this book because the jails and prisons only allow paperbacks. What amazing insight Lisa Bloom shares on what is going on with our young men.

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