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Praise for Lisa’s speaking engagements

“Lisa, thank you for choosing to speak again to the women of IWLC. For this first IWLC conference in the Siouxland region, I wanted our speakers to demonstrate what I mean by ‘elevating the conversation’ and you immediately came to mind. As before, your thought provoking, passionate and articulate presentation delivered! Wearing all my hats – daughter, wife, sister, stepmom, nana, aunt, girlfriend, boss and mentor, I embrace your challenge to women – to be the smartest and best we can be. Thank you for being you!” – Diane Ramsey, CEO, IWLC

“I’m still in awe of Lisa Bloom’s talk at SHESummit. It’s been over a month now, and I’m still talking about it. Lisa is a powerful speaker and a fountain of information. She brings her enthusiasm, expertise, and experience to life when she is up on stage — absolutely inspiring.” – Jaclyn Mishal, Co-founder of Pink Pangea

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful presentation. I cannot tell you how much everyone loved it. From a personal view, since I recruited you, you made me look like a star!” – Jack Tauber, Father’s Group, Marlborough School, Los Angeles

“What an honor to have Lisa Bloom as the moderator of our panel discussion and emcee for our gala in New York City Chaired by Patrick Kennedy. Lisa is a gifted and genius moderator. Issues in children’s mental health can be challenging and controversial and Lisa handled our expert panelists who had various viewpoints with grace, delicacy and brilliance. Above all, Lisa brings heart and soul to her work and is an extraordinary humanitarian!” – Janine Francolini, founder and chair, The Flawless Foundation

“Thank you so much for speaking with the Concord student body today. You had a wonderful turnout. … You did a terrific job, and we all appreciated your preparation and sense of humor. Your advice was also excellent.” – Dr. Martha Siegel, Associate Dean, Concord Law School

“I just wanted to let you know that people are still talking about our fantastic event in which you were the highlight of the evening! You made such an impact on the women. I thank you once again.” – Brenda Korff, event organizer, Hadassah Women.

“Since she’s a top graduate from Yale Law School and she was National College Debating Champion, I expected Lisa to be well-prepared and to know her stuff backwards and forwards, and she did. What I didn’t expect was how entertaining she was! I was in stitches at times, and at others genuinely moved by Lisa’s obviously heartfelt words. What a speaker!” – Julia Greer, Esq., Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, San Francisco, CA

“As a speaker, Lisa Bloom is energetic, funny, and refreshingly candid about her experiences and her views, which are informed by over a decade of litigating high-profile civil rights cases. She knows how to get her message across to a wide audience. She is a good listener, too. The result is that she shares her passion for equality and fairness with her audience. Her vision is a world in which each of us, regardless of our individual differences, is able to freely contribute to society with dignity. I’d gladly live in her world any day.” – Judith B. White, Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University

“Thank you for joining Gloria to offer such a wonderful and unique presentation to the graduating class and their families at the College of Arts and Sciences commencement. What a perfect way to send our graduates off on Mother’s Day!” – Rebecca W. Bushnell, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

“Lisa is a passionate speaker and cares deeply about the audiences to whom she speaks. She tailored her talk to the precise needs of our community event and she was so easy to work with from start to finish.” – Scott Berzon, Director, St. Louis Jewish Book Festival

“It’s clear: Lisa loves people and they love her back!” – Joe Little, New York Rescue Mission

“The students absolutely loved you! I am just floating on air. They were thanking me as if somehow I was responsible for your wonderful talk – I’ll take the praise – but I want to pass it on.” – Student Bar Association President, Concord Law School

“Lisa was recently a guest speaker at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Lisa’s wit and wisdom was the perfect match for our annual Wise Women program. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing information. Her topics are very real and relevant and she is very warm and approachable.” – Robbie Hudson, Director of Programming at Lake Austin Spa

Groups of all types and sizes, from student or nonprofit groups to major corporations, have responded enthusiastically to Lisa Bloom’s award-winning public speaking. From her days as National College Debating Champion and winner of Yale Law School’s prestigious Moot Court competition to her current sought-after role as a popular television personality and speaker; Lisa’s passion, energy, and sense of humor light up the room and underscore her meticulous research and well-crafted presentations, no matter what the topic.

Lisa Bloom, with Gloria Allred, speaking at U. Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences 2006 commencement.


Lisa Bloom speaking at a Martin Luther King Jr. event in St. Louis hosted by the St. Louis Jewish Community Center and St. Louis Urban League – January 14, 2015.

Popular Topics

THINK: How to Reclaim Your Brain From a Dumbed-Down Culture

Lisa’s first book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, www.Think.tv, became an instant New York Times bestseller, rocketing up the book charts as buzz in book groups and television talk shows agreed that we have a problem, and it’s time to start talking solutions. Lisa is now delivering college commencement addresses and speaking to business, professional and student groups on the important topic of how tabloid media, celebrity culture and our culture’s emphasis that females be “hot” at every age is harming us, our nation, and our planet, and what specifically we can do to reclaim our brains.

What We Get Right, Where We Go Wrong: A Brutally Honest, Behind-the-Scenes Assessment of the American Media in the New Millenium

She’s been inside every major television network in the United States as a much-requested legal commentator. What’s happened to investigative journalism, political commentary, “fair and balanced,” and tough questions? Lisa’s powerful indictment of the media’s obsession with inane celebrity “news” to the exclusion of important stories is peppered with colorful anecdotes she’s witnessed first-hand.

Housework is Not Your Job, and Other Truths Girls of All Ages Need to Hear

Working women still spend three times as many hours vacuuming and scrubbing toilets as their husbands. Why? Because women have swallowed the lie that it’s our job, while men rest comfortably knowing it’s “women’s work.” Time to teach our daughters the real truths they need to know: housework is a chore to be farmed out, divvied up, or sold to another working woman who’s made it her business. Other truths: sexual harassment is not possible, it’s probable, so women must arm themselves with an advance game plan to combat the harasser’s element of surprise; married women need to earn, and keep separately, their own money and assets; and it’s possible to network with male business associates without it looking like a “date.” Lisa explains all these truths and more in this high-spirited program.

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