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“Lisa Bloom’s Suspicion Nation is more than an indictment of the racist

American justice system that failed Trayvon Martin—it also asks the question,

Why do we continue to be bitterly divided over issues of color and gun

legislation?” — Vanity Fair

“The first half of Bloom’s book, in which she dissects the trial itself, is riveting

and quick-paced in the manner of all courtroom dramas. She proposes

alternative ways of handling key witnesses and invents a far, far better closing

argument than the one prosecutors used.”— The Boston Globe

“…Suspicion Nation is a thorough evisceration of the amateurish job done by the

Florida prosecutors who tried Zimmerman… [Bloom’s] analysis of the

Zimmerman prosecution’s many missteps is a compelling one… Bloom does a

good job of telling us why the prosecutors failed to hold Zimmerman to account

for his actions that rainy night.” — Los Angeles Times

“A much-needed factual antidote to the mainstream media coverage of

Trayvon Martin’s tragic story and the travesty of the George Zimmerman trial.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Lisa Bloom brings her expert legal eye to the lethal cocktail of racial inequality,

ludicrously outdated gun laws, and a culture of violence that led to the senseless

killing of an unarmed seventeen–year-old boy. Read this book, get angry, and

demand change.”— Piers Morgan, host of Piers Morgan Live

“We know that somewhere the Trayvon Martin case went awry but in Suspicion

Nation Lisa Bloom shows us how wrong and reveals a lot we don’t know about

the case. As a great civil rights lawyer Lisa has fought the good fight and exposed injustice.”

Toure, cultural critic and author of Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness

“With the mind of a lawyer and the eye of a journalist, Bloom achieves a

remarkable double success: meticulously examining the evidence in this case

while also placing the whole Zimmerman saga in a broad historical and cultural

context.”— Jeffrey Toobin, New York Times bestselling

author of The Nine and The Oath

“Suspicion Nation gets to the heart of all matters, both legal and racial. Lisa

Bloom has given us a riveting analysis of one of the most profoundly disturbing

cases of our time. Don’t miss this book.”—Marcia Clark, New York

Times bestselling author and lead prosecutor for California v. OJ Simpson

Riveting and brilliantly done. Suspicion Nation reads like a great courtroom

drama and will ignite major re-examination of this iconic case.”

Joy-Ann Reid, MSNBC anchor

“A smart, fresh, powerful telling of the trial that riveted our country. Suspicion

Nation is a stunning eye-opener about the Zimmerman case –

a ‘must-read’ for every intelligent American.”

Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author of Death Angel

This book is a crusading call for change – and a penetrating inventory of our

racially divided country. It is a tribute to Bloom’s candor that Suspicion Nation

will make readers squirm. Her message has the potential to inspire a national

dialogue, if we have the courage to read it.”

Jami Floyd, Legal Analyst, Al Jazeera America

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  1. I love this book. I bought it on Kindle off Amazon, and I couldn’t stop reading it! It is an extremely good book.

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